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7750 Security Mesh System

DDS 7750 Security Mesh Systems are used in areas where contained security is required but air flow and audible communications are demanded. DDS 7750 Security Mesh System is constructed using 1/4" or 3/8" diameter steel woven rod on 2" centers welded at each intersection with the tubular frame. The horizontal, intermediate and vertical framing is constructed from 1 3/4" x 2 1/2" formed 10 Ga. steel closed shapes. We include all closure angles and mounting clips for installation.




DDS 7750A Security Mesh System - Normal placement of the 3/8" dia. system is in maximum security controlled exercise yards, cell fronts and window screens. 




    707_Recyard1.jpg (177216 bytes)



DDS 7750B Security Mesh System - The 1/4" dia. system is used in minimum to medium security controlled exercise yards, stair wells, mezzanine railings, holding cells, visitation areas and window screens.





Standard Features

bulletMedium to Maximum Security at low cost
bulletEasy installation
bulletFully engineered system
bulletAll steel has shop coat primer

Optional Features

bullet-SS Stainless steel in lieu of steel construction for high abuse situations

These units are shipped in sections, vertical wall bracing usually requires anchors or bolts (supplied by DEC).