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7930 Ceiling Access Panels

The 7930 Series Ceiling Access Panel was designed for the high security areas in County, State and Federal Institutions.  The 7930 Series Ceiling Access Panel is an Architects answer to secure accessibility  to the area above the 7900 Security Ceiling System. These easy to install access panels are designed so that the borders on the panels blend with the ledger angles and support tees. 7930 Series Ceiling Access Panels are used in minimum to medium security areas to provide an architecturally attractive ceiling while protecting exposed mechanical equipment from inmate abuse.




7930 Series Ceiling Access Panel is a security screw lockable access panel. Available in standard galvanealed finish or baked on powder coatings to match the 7900 Security Ceiling System provided.



Standard Features

bulletFrame is manufactured from 2" x 2" x 1/8" HR angle all welded contruction.
bulletDoor is manufactured from 14ga HR sheet and hinged.
bullet1/4" Security fasteners are used for the mounting and locking of the door to the frame.
bulletAvailable in standard galvanealed finish or baked on powder coatings in available colors.

Optional Features

bullet-PC        Baked-on powder coat paint, specify architectural color
bullet-SS        Stainless Steel

Size Options

bullet-1212     12" x 12" wide door panel - 13 lbs
bullet-1818     18" x 18" wide door panel - 27 lbs
bullet-1824     18" x 24" wide dood panel - 38 lbs
bullet-2424     24" x 24" wide door panel - 48 lbs