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7517 Detention Grade Floor Mount Stools

7517.tif (106056 bytes)DDS Floor Mount Stool was designed to meet the needs of a maximum security environment when fixed seating is required. It has been specified and installed in facilities for over 20 years, which proves that it is one of the most durable stools available. This stool is used normally in cells when there is a wall mount desk present or in the inmate visitation areas when divider panels are used.






Standard Features

bullet12" diameter 14 ga. 304-#4 Brushed Finished Stainless steel seat with intergal mild steel weld plate
bullet2-1/2" sch-40 black steel pipe stand
bullet8" x 8" x 1/4" steel base plate
bulletAll steel has primer shop coat

Optional Features

bullet2-1/2" x 11 ga. 304-#4 Brushed Finished Stainless steel tube stand
bullet8" x 8" x 3/16" 304-#4 Brushed Finished Stainless steel base plate

This stool is shipped assembled, 4-ea. 1/2" x 4" floor anchors are required (not included).

Shipping weight 25 lbs.

1458 Detention Grade SSTL Seat Plate

DDS SSTL Seat Plates are available as a stand alone item for installation by Inmate Day Labor or other trades.  See description in the Standard Features above.

Optional Features

bullet4 ea 5/16-18 studs welded to steel base plate

Shipping weight 7.5 lbs