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Detention Grade Bunks

DDS Bunks are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of County, State and Federal Building Codes.  All bunks are assembled using Domestic Steel, fully welded construction and USP primed for painting.   Pans are perforated for ease of cleaning and mattress ventilation.  If required the concrete anchors for the wall and floor are supplied by the installing contractor.


Model 7501

Wall-mounted bunk allows greater use of floor space, and obstruction-free cleaning under the bunk.  The turned-down front lip adds comfort while sitting.




Model 7503

Floor-mounted bunk allows placing the bunks away from walls to create a dorm style sleep area.  The turned-down front lip adds comfort while sitting.



Model 7503D

Same as above, except double deck style for double bunking or dormitory use.  The turned-down front lip adds comfort while sitting.  Some assembly required, shipped knocked-down.





Model 7503-1/2

Similar to 7501, for wall mount, with front legs like Model 7503 for added support.   The turned-down front lip adds comfort while sitting.



Standard Features

bullet12ga. 30" x 80" x 2" steel pan
bullet7ga. legs and wall mounts

Optional Features

bullet10ga. steel pan - For added strength
bullet12ga. stainless steel construction
bulletEmbeds - For wall mounted bunks, specify CMU block or poured-concrete style walls
bulletCustom sizes - Contact the factory with your requirements
bulletBunk shelf - Mounted to under side of the bunk for additional above floor storage

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