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To Retro-Fit an older facility with new DDS Sliding Door Operators and Upgrade the existing locking system to meet current DOC and FBOP Standards is a DDS specialty ...

DDS will consult with the Facilities Manager and Architect to determine the correct equipment to best utilize existing security conditions.

Key Benefits

bulletLESS DOWN TIME due to broken down, worn out and/or obsolete locking systems.
bulletSTATE-OF-THE-ART electronic controls to preserve the safety of the facilities personnel.
bulletCOST SAVINGS because DDS is the manufacturer and installer of the best security products available.

                            Santa Rita County Jail, Dublin

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Santa Rita Jail is a 2000-bed facitity located in Alameda County California.  The facility was completed in 1987, in 1994 DDS was contracted by the county to upgrade all 120 of the Rack & Pinion Corridor Operators

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