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7102 DetentionGRADETM Manual Trackset

DDS Manual Tracksets are overhead supporting devices for manually operated sliding doors ranging in width from 2'-0" to 6'-0" up to a maximum weight of 400 lbs.






Track and hanger sets may be used for cell or corridor doors on grille, masonry or plate wall construction. Three standard housing sizes suit most door sizes and applications. Specify type of wall for guide mounting. CAUTION:   Doors equipped with track and hanger sets are free-wheeling, and may present a staff hazard. They should never be left unlocked, or under the control of an inmate.

Standard Features

bulletSelf contained - Each set consists of a track box and cover, door hanger with adjustable rollers for leveling, door guide and door guide angle.
bulletHeavy housing construction - 7 gauge steel with cold finished steel track.
bulletSloped top housing - 10 gauge steel, sloped to prevent hiding of contraband.
bulletRemovable cover provided with Torx screws.
bulletEccentric bushings permit adjustment to level the door.
bulletDoor rollers 2-3/4" x1" thick, Zinc plated steel with sealed bearings.
bulletAdjustable door stop - Steel block attached to track with set-screws.
bulletNon handed - Reversible for doors sliding to right or left.
bulletFinish - USP Primed for painting.

Optional Features

bulletIndication switch - An internal switch monitors position of the door indicating either open or closed status. Add suffix "L" when ordering.
bulletDoor starter - A spring loaded plunger to push a door slightly open after unlocking. Used with remote controlled electric locks or mechanical locks to move door open once unlocked. Add suffix "S" when ordering.
bulletCustom sizes - Sets may be constructed for wider and heavier doors. Consult the factory with your specific application.
bulletContinuous housing - Sets may be built to suit the width of a group of cells, and may contain a wire tray for wire harnesses connecting locks to common point at the end of a cell run.
bulletDoor receivers or electric lock columns - Receivers may be supplied to capture the front edge of the door. Lock columns provide a method of mounting a lock, protecting the wiring, and installing the door receiver.